Multimedia Language Laboratory PF


matches all the requirements for  modern language teaching laboratories.

Teaching foreign languages with the Multimedia Language Laboratory PF offers a wide variety of multimedia offerings with multimedia teaching programmes, which can be combined so that the lesson is stimulating and interesting.

As a result the quality of teaching of  foreign languages is higher.

The teacher has many opportunities on how to introduce the new modern way of teaching languages Multimedia Language Laboratory PF  is compatible with many operating systems including Microsoft Windows Vista Premium.



All the functions of the Multimedia Language Laboratory PF are centrally operated and controlled by multimedia computer of the teacher. At the same time it can be used for playback of the multimedia teaching programmes from DVD or from the internet and for teaching with the help of programmes saved in the computer.

With simple click of the mouse the teacher can assign to each half of the class the programme source, which can be identical or different.

The teacher can assign interactive programmes for pairs or foursomes.

The teacher can follow the progress of different groups of one or two or four students by tapping into their activities at of any time.

All the buttons on the teacher's computer screen are clearly specified and the operating is very easy to use.

The multimedia computer controls the switching unit with the control software, which connects the workstation of the teacher with the workstationes of the students.

The teacher and the students use headphones with microphones for communication.

The following devices can be connected to the teachers workstation:

Microphone of the teacher, multimedia computer of the teacher with DVD, MP3 player, tape-recorder, DVD player, video, satellite or  a digital ground receiver.

The Multimedia Language Laboratory PF can be fit with an interactive board, external sound distribution, printer, copier and scanner.

In the Multimedia Language Laboratory PF 2024 can work up to 24 students, in the PF 2016 up to 16 students.

The Multimedia Language Laboratory PF is compatible with data-video-projector  for visual presentations.



The Multimedia Language Laboratory PF provides  the trachet with a wide variety of uses:


The whole class can work together with the multimedia teaching programme.

Both halfs of the class can work at the same time with different programme sources.

The teacher can interactively communicate with a selected student, or with pairs or of foursomes.

The teacher has possibility to record everything which he hears in the headphones to the computer and can use such recording for interactive teaching.

The teacher can control the progress of the students or interactiv pair or foursome by the discreet tapping.

The teacher has the option to set the tapping to automatic mode 5, 10, 15 upto 60 seconds.

On the screen of the central panel the teacher can set the presence of student in the class.

The teacher can switch off the the tapping of the student.

The Playback function provides  the teacher with the option of interactively speak

with e.g.DVD.

The teacher has the information about the time, date and can  use even the stopwatch.

In case that the teacher wants to interrupt the selected programme and to tell something to the students, he uses the button report.

If the second click on the button report the teacher comes back to the previous interrupted teaching programme.

The Multimedia Language Laboratory PF can be used for teaching of other subjects.

The computer can be used by the teacher for ordinary office work.



The students can work with centrally distributed programmes:


Listen and watch to the multimedia teaching programmes from the computer or DVD player,

programmes from video recorder, television or satellite.

Listen to the audiotape from MP3 player or DVD, sound or satellite broadcasting service.

Students can practise conversation stills in pairs or foursomes.

Each student has option to follow his progress by self-listening.

The selected student can talk to other students.



Basic technical data:


Multimedia computer of the teacher, earphones with microphone, data-videoprojector, interactive board, MP3 player, tape-recorder, DVD recorder or player, video recorder, satellite or digital ground receiver, printer, copier, scanner, according to the selected and received type of the machine.

Switching unit - power supply 230 V/ 50 Hz, unified power source certified by EZU, TUV, CE, outputs 100mW/ 200 Ohm, weight 11 kg, size 410 x 210 x 440 mm